The clue is in the name really!

We create timeless, spontaneous and artistic portraits.  Either in your own home or out on location in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

Preferring to stay away from white studio backgrounds, we create timeless works of art outside or in your own home.

We welcome you to Escape The Studio!

Think of your portrait session with us as a day out at the beach, a stroll in the fields or an adventure in the woods…what we want to achieve with you, are stunning photos that you’ve enjoyed helping us create!  With over 7 years of experience in creating photos that just scream personality, we have the knack of creating the most beautiful works of art from every possible personality.  Infact, parents have often commented on how much fun their children have had in their shoot, even if they were really shy to start with.

So, if you’d like to ‘Escape The Studio’ and go on a bit of an adventure, you had better get in touch!

If you are ready to book your portrait session, then get in touch.