Your Adventure Starts Here

How does it work?
Get in touch to start your adventure.  We’ll arrange a time for your shoot and discuss locations.  We’ll brief you on everything and answer any questions you might have.  We’ll ask you about who you plan on bringing along on your adventure and find out all about them and you!

Start Your Adventure.
We’ll start your adventure as long as the weather isn’t too crazy.  Whether it’s at the beach, in the woods or at the park, we’ll have a fun filled hour and get you running, jumping, posing and generally being yourselves.  We might get a bit lost, but that’s okay!

Babies, Children, Families and Pets.
They’re all invited and we’ll tailor your adventure to your family.  For example, if we’re photographing a newborn, we may suggest your portrait session takes place in your home.  Wherever your adventure takes place, you’ll have fun!

Dan the photographer was amazing.  The children loved the portrait session and had so much fun.  Even I enjoyed having my photo taken!  If you’re thinking about hiring Dan to capture your family, don’t think about it, just do it!

Sarah Matthews